I am proud to annouce that our @SpringerNature book #Proteoglycans in #StemCells - From #Development to #Cancer https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030734527, co-edited by @ForsbergNilsson & @GotteProf is now online! @IntSocMatBio @Matrixbiologie @StemCellsNRW @UK_Muenster @karamanos_nikos #ECM

Must read
A step forward in #CancerResearch
@SebNielsen77 did a fantastic job and I am simply honoured to be part
Big thank to funding bodies @Krebshilfe_Bonn @cancer_dk
@ErlerLab @Matrixbiologie @CIBSS_UniFR @UCPH_BRIC @amsocmatbio @DSMB_dk @IntSocMatBio

Dear Fellow Matrix Biologists, I am pleased to announce that the new CiteScore for Matrix Biology is now 18.6 . We received 5257 citations/282 documents between 2018 & 2021. Many thanks to all contributors and reviewers for their hard work to promote and advance our field!

Another team effort of @MSCActions project GLYCANC published - I miss our guest scientists from Argentina & Brazil, and the times when 'Portagnol' became the new lab language @WWU_Muenster & @UK_Muenster. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34070901/ @REA_research @IntSocMatBio #ecm #hyaluronan

Great Video of collaboration partner @KBaghy on the role of #proteoglycan Spock1 in #ovariancancer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoYhUyVHSwE
@UK_Muenster @IntSocMatBio @Matrixbiologie @GlycansC @ExtracellMatrix https://twitter.com/KBaghy/status/1399684652043059207

Kornélia Baghy@KBaghy

Here is the direct link to my science promotion video:


Excellent talk on pro-collagen secretion! Thank you for sharing your great stories on Giantin and Tango. https://twitter.com/David_S_Bristol/status/1398232548233330689

Great honour for our article (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41563-020-00894-0) to get a N&V @NatureMaterials
Many thanks to @NatureMaterials, Patrick Mehlen & Laurent Fattet
@Matrixbiologie @IntSocMatBio @amsocmatbio @MBIreland @MatrixBioANZ @DFG_FOR2722 @CIBSS_UniFR @UCPH_BRIC

Can never get used to talks without applause. But I think that the first day of our online meeting was just great! Full of exciting, outstanding talks all around! Thanks so much to all speakers and participants! @Matrixbiologie @SFBMEc

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