We are recruiting a postdoc to come and work with us on the biology of chemokines and glycosaminoglycans in leukocyte recruitment, please share and RT @wtccmr @LydiaBeckerIII @CRGGlasgow @BSMB1 @IntSocMatBio @LMG_BSI #chemokine

@RaphaelReuten and @ErlerLab thank the #Editorial and #Production Team @NatureMaterials @nresearchnews and #Reviewers for an amazing job. It was a pleasure #TogetherWeAreScience @IntSocMatBio

Fresh off the press! The January issue of the ISMB newsletter is out. https://ismb.org/newsletters/
@SwissMatrixBio @DSMB_dk @MBIreland @Matrixbiologie @BSMB1 @amsocmatbio @SFBMEc @MatrixBioANZ @ValerioIzzi @PaulineNauroy

Great lectures to come by @IvaskaLab and @EskoJeff hosted by @karamanos_nikos at the HSBMB online congress! @IntSocMatBio @Matrixbiologie #ecm #integrins #heparansulfate

Hello Matrix Biologists# I have at least two positions in my lab for Postdoctoral fellows and/or research assistants. I prefer newly graduates. Thank you all.

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