Postdoc positions in ECM proteomics available in Vancouver, Canada

May 6, 2016 Paul Wright

http://www.clip.ubc.caPost-Doctoral Positions available immediately in ECM PROTEOMICS, SECRETED/MEMBRANE PROTEASE DEGRADOMICS and SYSTEMS BIOLOGY of the ECM, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


The OVERALL LAB has pioneered a number of cutting edge proteomics methods for the analysis of inflammation in the ECM and connective tissues, MMPs, ADAMs, ADAMTS proteases and their substrates including TAILS (Nature Biotechnology, Nature Protocols), C-TAILS (Nature Methods, Nature Protocols), PICS (Nature Biotechnology), TopFIND database (Nature Methods) and their biological application for arthritis (Cell Reports), skin inflammation (Science Signaling), innate and acquired immunity protease substrates including MALT1 (Nature Communications), and viral infection (Nature Medicine).

We have exciting ongoing projects to further develop new methods and approaches to unravel the mysteries of proteolysis and in their application to deciphering connective tissue pathology. No training in proteomics required and post-Docs will receive intensive and high level training in advanced mass spectrometry. Apply to,